About Me

Hello! My Name is Maggie Nizich and I am skilled in the art of animation, specifically in hand-Drawn animation.


I have a great fondness for traditional effects animation due to its high demand for skill, determination, and patience. Hair animation is a fascination of mine; the gravity-defying wisps have always captured my imagination. My abilities are not limited to effects; I am adept at character animation, character design, layout design, and story-boarding. 


People would describe me as a down to earth individual who is easy to get along with. I work well with groups of all sizes and am able to take charge of a disorganized group when needed. Quick, efficient and dedicated, I love my craft and strive to learn from both talented co-workers and from new techniques & technologies that continue to make animation an inspiring and every growing art form.


I'm an avid fan of anything related to Dungeons and Dragons, History, Science Fiction, Video Game Development and RPGs, Costume making, and Storytelling.